Everything you need to know about the history of mankind can be learned through grooming. That’s right, we said it. Read the history books all you want or look back at the headlines of the day, but really, you only get a clear picture of what life was like in times of yore by looking at those contraptions people invented to clean, shave, grow, style, and remove hair, look sexy, smell nice, and enhance their sex drive. It’s the real people’s history.

And what you’ll find is that in most cases, things aren’t as bad today as they may seem. We may have bizarre contraptions like this personal back hair remover and soap made to smell like whiskey, but at least no one’s strapping radium to their genitals in order to have better sex (we hope) and vacuums, it has been discovered, work best on floors, not heads. What are we talking about? Click below to find out.