Impressions Dental Spa Conquers Your Dental Fears
Impressions Dental Spa has been featured on Colorado’s Best and Colorado & Company
PRLog (Press Release) – Apr. 4, 2014 – DENVER — Getting regular dental care is important for your overall health. Many individuals do not go to the dentist as frequently as they should. As a dental professional we hear regularly how much people dislike going to the dentist. At Impressions Dental Spa we have gotten overwhelming feedback about what a great experience people have coming to see us. We decided to do some research into what the most common complaints are and the ways that Impressions Dental Spa conquers those perceptions. Here is a list of the top reasons why people dislike going to the dentist:
1. They Do Not Like Pain
Many people avoid going to the dentist because they worry that there will be pain. Amy has been a dental hygienist for over 11 years and prides herself on a caring and compassionate nature. It is important to her to be thorough yet gentle.
2. They Worry About Being Lectured
Another reason people do not like going to the dentist is that they hate being lectured to. Amy doesn’t believe in lecturing. If you don’t like/want to floss she will generally recommend you come in more frequently for your cleanings and offer other alternatives.
3. They Worry About The Expense
Dental care can be expensive, and if a person does not have dental insurance, they might not know if they can afford the visit. Impressions Dental Spa has made it easy with flat fee pricing. You pay for your cleaning and you won’t be hit with a high bill at the end of your appointment.
4. They Are Busy
Most people lead busy lives, and they might not want to take time out of their busy schedule to visit a dentist. We try to offer flexible and convenient scheduling options. We also offer an “express” cleaning for people that want to get in and out quickly.
5. They Hate Waiting
Another reason why people dislike going to the dentist is that they hate waiting for their appointment. We schedule our appointments appropriately so that there is no waiting for your appointment.
6. They Don’t Like The Sounds They Hear
The sound of equipment in the dental office can often be intimidating. The great thing about Impressions Dental Spa is that we strive to make your appointment as comfortable and relaxing as possible. You will be pampered during your visit and won’t hear the noise of a drill.
7. They Hate The Smell Of The Office
Some people just don’t like the way a dentist office smells. We have aromatherapy diffusers throughout the office so that you won’t bothered by any unpleasant odors.
Impressions Dental Spa is unique in the sense that we are not a traditional dental office and have the ability to cater to the needs of our patients. We have taken the time to assess what keeps people from making a dental appointment and we have been able to erase those fears with the experience we offer. We invite you to come in today to see what the all the buzz is about. Impressions Dental Spa 2617 E 3rd Ave Denver, CO 80206 720.663.0116.