The velvet blazer, usually an article for society functions at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, is having an egalitarian moment this fall and winter. In fact, the last couple of seasons has seen the jacket become available in a variety of price ranges, in contemporary, slimmer cuts, and from a variety of outfitters, from Burberry ($597) and Ted Baker ($575) to Topman ($240) and Zara ($99.90). 

And, as is often the case, there’s a logistical reason: in cool weather, a velvet blazer helps keep you warm. 

Still, it can feel rarified. But like anything in life—Bordeaux, Brahms, Beckett, the Bronx—you shouldn’t be intimidated by it. Don’t be afraid to upend convention, and, say, throw it over a heather gray athletic sweatshirt or a long sleeve T-shirt. I like to have fun and do the high-low thing and wear it with worn-out jeans—incipient tears apparent—and gray brogues.

If the jacket is navy or black…