By now, you know that blizzard names are made up by the folks over at The Weather Channel for shts and giggles. 

You know what’s not made up? The freezing temperatures that these blizzards bring. 

Which is to say it’s cold. We realize that we’ve said this before, in a plethora of different ways, but when half the country is dealing with a cold front of this magnitude, it bears repeating. We figure that at this point you know that the best way to deal with the elemental forces such as these is to layer up. Sweaters and jackets and all that. But don’t forget that base layer, that first line of defense that lies right on your dermis. There’s two ways to go with this, and there’s no right or wrong: a chunky thermal layer or a lighter, cotton one. But whatever you do, don’t skip it. It’ll keep you warm when you’re outside and wick away moisture when you make it to your inevitably heated destination. 

From left: Chunky waffle thermal ($145) by Todd Snyder,; Cotton-jersey henley T-shirt ($60) by J. Crew,