Photo: Courtesy of Darren Seamark

In the last 80 days, a small army of miniature 3-D printed Karlie Kloss dolls have traveled the world over, clocking up enough air miles and sporting enough head-turning fashion to leave Phileas Fogg and his hot-air balloon in the dust. First sightings of the tiny sculptures were first reported in San Francisco two months back, where she was seen roaming the grounds of Golden Gate Park with Alex Wang’s coveted new utility bags.  Then images of the stylish Mini-Mes started flooding in from famous landmarks across the globe (one Fausto Puglisi–clad doll attracted enough attention she had to be escorted off the premises at the Acropolis), and it wasn’t long before her chic footprints were being captured on the moon. To give you a sense of Karlie Kloss’s epic 3-D fashion adventure, we’ve done the math on her journey from all angles, charting everything from her air miles down to the tally of small doll parts that were broken along the way.

Number of 3-D dolls printed: 50

Number of days traveled: 80

Cities visited: 22

First trip: San Francisco

Last trip: Tokyo

Smallest doll: 4 inches

Largest doll: 6 inches

Number of 3-D doll limbs broken in transit: 13

Number of dolls lost in transit: 3

Number of dolls escorted off the Acropolis: 1

Shortest journey: Times Square (410 feet)

Furthest journey: Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia (9,204 miles)

Highest point: The moon

Longest time stuck in customs: Eight days and counting in Marrakech


Hair: Ilker Akyol; Makeup: Susie Sobol

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