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Whenever the seasons change, it is as if all types of shoppers come out of hibernation (or, rather, the woodwork) to reboot their closets. During this time, don’t be surprised to find yourself swarmed by the traveling packs of women scouring shopping centers for fresh boots and warm leather jackets. Maybe a long lost friend will show up at your doorstep, hungry and tired, asking you to hide her credit card. Or maybe your coworker will come to work every day with bloodshot eyes, a new bag, and a paralyzed pointer finger from clicking on e-commerce sites all night. Wondering if you see yourself in any of the shoppers above? Take our quiz to find out.

1. When the seasons change and it is time to buy new wardrobe staples, you:

A. Check your credit card balance—and then tell yourself that you only live once.

B. Take a quick survey of your closet, throw out unworn items, and make a list of exactly what you need.

C. Call up your friends to set a shopping date.

D. This means you can leisurely browse Net-a-Porter and search through hundreds of leather jackets during work hours to distract yourself.

2. When a salesperson asks you if you need help, you:

A.  Immediately engage in conversation to justify your potential purchases.

B. “No, thank you,” is what you say, but you are actually thinking: Why are you bothering me? I never need help.

C. You don’t, but the three friends you are shopping with do.

D. Salesperson? You are hunched over your computer and scouring the Internet for shearling-lined boots during your lunch break.

3. Your bank account is hovering between negative and zero, but you really must have that studded leather jacket. What do you do?

A. So is selling my kidney safe or not? you ask yourself. But of course you are kidding—instead you pull the “swipe and pray” move at the register.

B. If you really need it, you will wait till next week until payday like a responsible human being.

C. Ask the friend you are with to spot you!

D. Use a shopping app to find the lowest price possible.

4. When you see a large crowd in a store, you:

A. Use your elbows.

B. Bypass the mob by darting straight to the section you need to go to.

C. “Crowd? Hell, my friends and I are the crowd.”

D. Turn around and scowl. After all, you don’t even know why you bothered to venture out into an actual brick-and-mortar store to shop in the first place.

5. What do you do in a dressing room?

A. You love what you are wearing, so you ask for three more of the item in different colors. One of something is never satisfying enough . . .

B. Do a quick 180-degree turn and then leave—you already knew that the item would fit.

C. Step out and strike several poses for your shopping bag–toting entourage.

D. My dressing room is the full-length mirror in my bedroom. No long lines or humans there!

6. How important is a return policy?

A. A quick fix for a one-purchase stand.

B. You rarely use it. You know exactly what you are going home with when you buy it.

C. All of your friends do it—so you do, too.

D. It usually is a bit of a hassle and involves a prepaid shipping box, but at least you don’t have to talk to anyone.

7. What do you do with your new purchases when you take them home?

A. I hide them. I don’t need my significant other or neighbors judging me—they don’t understand my needs.

B. I put my purchases away. What else would I do with them?

C. I try everything on, take a selfie mirror shot, and then send it to all of my friends.

D. I open a box, put the garment on, and thank the above that there is such thing as a one-click purchase.


Mostly As: Do you feel a rush when you cradle a plush new piece of clothing in your arms? Yet after it has been a day or two and that fresh new smell wears off, do you also begin to question your priorities, pending bank account charges, and feel a twinge of financial guilt? Either way, any hang-ups you have do not matter because you look great and have the best closet out of all the categories in this quiz. You are the Impulsive Shopper.

Mostly: Bs: You don’t like dawdling, you have no time to “browse,” and do not consider shopping to be a social activity. Instead, you know exactly what you want before you even step foot into a store, your brain is blessed with a GPS that directs you to what department you need to go to, and most importantly, you are decisive. You are the Lone Wolf Shopper.

Mostly Cs: For you, shopping is a fun-filled social activity that requires a day of planning and a lunch break. You prefer to have your friends present to help make decisions, as well as have full conversations with them in-between dressing rooms. And what do you do when your posse isn’t around? Well, thankfully you have a smartphone to send your mirror selfies. You are the Social Shopper.

Mostly Ds: Maybe it was that day you waited 30 minutes in a line while a pushy mother behind you kept hitting your ankles with her baby stroller or that time an adult woman bodychecked you at a sample sale to get her hands on a motorcycle jacket—either way, you have given up on the idea of physically shopping. Instead, you rely on the Internet to find your goods and enjoy being able to talk to customer assistance via email—and not having to see them. You are the Online (Hermit) Shopper.

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