met party planning

Some people seem to be natural-born hosts, knowing exactly how to word a dress code, assemble the perfect guest list, set a table worthy not only of Instagram but also the pages of Vogue, mix a mean cocktail, create the right playlist, and every detail in between. But not all of us are as innately entertaining inclined as the likes of C.Z. Guest; planner extraordinaire Bronson van Wyck; or Vogue’s own Director of Special Events, and maestro behind the annual Met Gala, Sylvana Ward Durrett. For the rest of us—ahead of’s Last Saturday in April bash and before the Met Gala—we have assembled a wealth of party-planning knowledge from the archives: everything you need to know to throw the perfect birthday dinner, the most over-the-top way to tailgate, the rules on mealtime selfies, tinned seafood (yes, tinned seafood) that is a must-have for your next gathering, and so much more.




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