Mexico City Guide

Mexico City, also called Distrito Federal, is too busy, too dense, and too varied a megalopolis to pinpoint just one It factor. Rather, it’s the blend of everything that makes the city so special: the endless cinderblock sprawl, the ten million painted walls (lilac and azul and tangerine), the twenty-plus million people and the temporal inertia of a longstanding municipality rocketing into modernity.

To run down Mexico City’s must-see’s and where-to-be’s, connected with Marco Bochicchio, a 25-year-old local better known by his Instagram handle, @mente_de_rufus. (Mente de Rufus translates to “Mind of Rufus”—Rufus is Bochicchio’s pet bloodhound.) He’s amassed a sizable following for his idyllic, vividly washed-out frames, be they of his friends in the chic beach town of Puerto Escondido or of his uncle’s highlighter-colored parakeet. Over 48 hours, we tagged along with Bochicchio from buzzing Downtown to quaint Coyoacán, checking out the new and the old in tandem. As the photographer says, passing a fifty-strong contingent of red-capped policemen, an ancient miniature pyramid from pre-urbanized times, and a sign for Burger King (all at a metro stop near the Zócalo), it’s important to remember one thing above all: “Mexico is known for being surreal.”

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