Inspired by Andreea Diaconu’s video love letter to the humble breakfast staple, five editors muse on their own favorite cereals.



Lucky Charms

I have always loved Lucky Charms. As a child, I found the treasure hunt for celestial-shaped pastel marshmallows thrilling; I would hoard them while gobbling up the less decadent Cheerios. Now, as an adult, I look for any excuse to gobble up good fortune, especially first thing in the morning. Listen, you can peek at your texts and emails as you brush your teeth and scan for emoji. You can read daily horoscopes in the tabloids. Or you can pour a bowl of breakfast cereal and dig around for a pot of gold. I’m all about the latter.
Sally Singer, Vogue Digital Creative Director



Fruit Loops

I approach my plate the same way I do my wardrobe—the more color the better! That’s why the best food porn to me is always a rainbow wave of tasty color. I’ve actually never eaten Fruit Loops, but the look of them is all me.
Chioma Nnadi, Fashion News Director



Corn Flakes

I’m definitely a Corn Flake—practical, agreeable, but not overly sweet. Corn Flakes keep it real.
Catherine Piercy, Beauty Director




People have called my taste in food boring, even uncultured, but I prefer to think of it as traditional. I like American cheese, Heinz ketchup, Breyers strawberry ice cream, and if I’m going to eat cereal, I grab a box of Chex, the yellow corn-based bites that some find to be bland but I think are classic.
Alex Frank, Deputy Culture Editor



Kashi Strawberry Fields

Anything that’s named after a Beatles song! Long-grain rice, sun-kissed strawberries—nothing to get hung about.
Abby Aguirre, Culture Editor

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