Abigail Lane Nature’s Way

Paddle8’s new Tracey Emin–curated auction is technically titled “From the Cute to the Powerful,” but it could just as easily be called “From Beginning to End.” Working with Paddle8’s Eugenie York, Emin broke up the 35 lots for sale into three comprehensive categories—Inspiration, Creation, Admiration—that respectively group together historical works that have influenced her, selections of her own oeuvre (proceeds from which will benefit the Serpentine Galleries), and pieces by artists that she now collects. The last group, which ranges from Emin’s fellow YBA Abigail Lane to the up-and-coming ceramics artist Sebastian Ströhrer, was the focus of a discussion the 51-year-old Briton had with Vogue.com this afternoon.

Here, Emin reflects on the artists she herself collects:

“Tracey Emin: From the Cute to the Powerful” is for sale on Paddle8 through November 13.

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