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The Vogue podcast has arrived, giving you an inside ear into the well-heeled world of fashion. Hosted by André Leon Talley, each episode will feature a number of much-buzzed-about topics—from what’s in the magazine to who’s making headlines to what everyone is talking about around the office. Subscribe on iTunes so you don’t miss an episode!


Episode 13

In episode 13, Alexander Wang takes a break from fitting models for his Fall ready-to-wear show to talk to André Leon Talley and reminisce on rising through the ranks before ultimately winning the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund in 2008. Clearly, Wang knows a thing or two about working one’s way up the fashion totem pole (even working as an intern in the Vogue fashion closet!), and on the eve of The Fashion Fund season 3 premiere, Wang and Vogue Accessories Director Selby Drummond shared their pearls of wisdom for the new class. Tune in to hear what they had to say about surviving the months-long CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund competition, or Vogue Boot Camp, as Drummond calls it, where “if you’re not 30 minutes early, you’re late.” The pressure is officially on!

Listen Now: “ALT Interviews Alexander Wang and Selby Drummond”


Episode 12

In episode 12, Culture Editor Abby Aguirre talks to Laura Poitras, the Pulitzer–winning journalist and Oscar-winning director of Citizenfour, a film documenting the eight days she spent holed up in a Hong Kong hotel room in 2013 with intelligence analyst Edward Snowden. Poitras is also the subject of “Astro Noise,” a new exhibition of loosely connected immersive installations, each in their own way about surveillance, currently on display at The Whitney Museum of American Art. Here, Poitras walks us through the exhibition, reveals what it was like being on a terrorism-related watch-list in the early aughts, plus what she really thinks of Homeland.

Listen Now: “Abby Aguirre Interviews Laura Poitras”


Episode 11

In episode 11, André Leon Talley sits down with Orange Is the New Black’s Alysia Reiner and Backwards’s Sarah Megan Thomas to get the scoop on producing and starring in Equity, the first female-driven film about Wall Street. From how sexy is too sexy on the trading floor to making movies that help better the world for women, tune in to hear the trio’s exchange.

Listen Now: “ALT Interviews Alysia Reiner and Sarah Megan Thomas”


Episode 10

In episode 10, André Leon Talley talks to Ben Stiller, aka Derek Zoolander, and Vogue Fashion Director Tonne Goodman to get the details on the really, really, really ridiculously anticipated Zoolander 2, the theme of the February Vogue cover shoot. From “photobombing” the cover with costar Penélope Cruz to filming the sequel with Anna Wintour, Stiller let us in on the inside scoop (and maybe a few spoilers, too).

Listen Now: “ALT Interviews Ben Stiller and Tonne Goodman”



Episode 9

In episode nine, André Leon Talley talks to Vogue Fashion Director Tonne Goodman to get the scoop all things Alicia Vikander, from styling those sleek microbangs to dressing the actress in looks plucked straight off the runway. Get to know the Danish Girl star now as Talley kicks things off with a reading of the complete cover story.

Listen Now: “ALT Interviews Tonne Goodman”



Episode 8
In episode eight, Vogue Social Editor Chloe Malle and André Leon Talley share their favorite gifts for everyone on your list from the sports fanatic to the world traveler. Listen here and shop their picks below—there’s just enough time to pick them up and put them under the tree.

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Episode 7
In episode seven, actor and environmental activist Adrian Grenier sheds light on climate change before joining leaders from around the globe at the COP21 summit in Paris. As the cofounder of SHFT, a platform helping to bring a more sustainable focus to the way people live their lives, the self-described affirmative thinker is setting his sights on what’s possible for the future and encourages us to do the same. As the conversation moves from land to sea, Grenier introduces us to the loneliest whale on earth, the inspiration and “spokeswhale” behind Grenier’s newly launched foundation, Lonely Whale. Why is he so lonely? Listen here and find out more.

Listen Now: “ALT Interviews Adrian Grenier”



Episode 6
Whether you missed it or want more, the December issue comes to life in the latest installment of the Vogue podcast. Here, André Leon Talley talks to Vogue Fashion Director Tonne Goodman to get the scoop on shooting in the desert with Jennifer Lawrence, casting the horse the cover star rode in on, plus the must-have boots seen in every shot. Now saddle up and stream episode 6 as Talley kicks things off with a reading of the complete cover story.

Listen Now: “ALT Interviews Tonne Goodman”



Episode 5
In the latest episode, André rings up Kim Kardashian West on the heels of hosting the 2015 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund L.A. runway show. Here, the two discuss everything from date nights with Kanye and his grander-than-grand romantic gestures to designing her dream closet that will replicate a Saint Laurent in-store experience. With the expectant mother a few weeks away from giving birth to a sibling for daughter North, the conversation shifts to the joys of eating for two as Kardashian West details her daily meal plan, plus the chic little hole-in-the-wall with the best cheesecake in Paris.

Listen Now: “ALT Interviews Kim Kardashian West”



Episode 4
In episode four, André sits down with Vogue editors Grace Coddington, Virginia Smith, Phyllis Posnick, and Tonne Goodman to discuss all things Spring 2016. From trends they saw walk down the runway to Pat McGrath’s Tuileries takeover, hear their thoughts on the latest ready-to-wear-season and click through the slideshow below to see images the editors talk about in Episode 4.

Listen Now: “ALT Interviews Vogue Editors”



Episode 3
In episode three, André continues his conversation with Lee Daniels, creator of the hit show Empire. Lee opens up about his family, his personal style, and our culture today.

Listen Now: “ALT Interviews Lee Daniels, Part II”


Episode 2
In the second episode, André talks with Lee Daniels. Find out which moments from the show are based upon Lee’s childhood, what André and Lee think about Cookie (Taraji Henson), and more about the Empire spread in the September issue of Vogue.

Listen Now: “ALT Interviews Lee Daniels, Part I”


Episode 1
The first episode kicks off with an interview with Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour. Listen below as she and André talk everything from Beyoncé to Loretta Lynch to Kanye for President! Plus, click through the slideshow below to see the September issue images Anna and André discuss in Episode 1.

Listen Now: “ALT Interviews Anna Wintour”


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