The Urban Angels

The Urban AngelsThe Urban Angels

When we had our boutique on Bannock Street, I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming dear life-changing friends with Peggy and Mary, two women with some of the biggest hearts that I’ve ever met. They walked into the shop and it was like they brought the sunshine with them! As I began to know them over the years, I saw how much they love serving the community, not just locally, but internationally. They began to rub off on me and inspire me to serve my community.

How did you ladies become the “Urban Angels”?

We were dubbed The Urban Angels by a friend who lived in Downtown Denver and observed our work with the homeless and shared our love for the city of Denver and those who call it home.

What is the mission of the Urban angels:

Our mission is to bring encouragement and hope to those in need, especially children around the world.  We have been lucky enough to give our dresses and care packages to children in Denver, Haiti, Honduras, Peru, Guatemala, and the Philippines.

The Urban AngelsJust a tiny look into the amazing work that Peggy and Mary do!

What can others do to serve?

Start in your own backyard and don’t feel like any gesture is too small to make a difference (it does)

What are your future goals with the Urban Angels?

We would like to expand our outreach to other places around the world and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

The Urban Angels have organized several dress drives, where one by one, they create the cutest dresses for girls across the world. These events have been held at Studio Salon and bring so much joy!

Besides their dresses, they knit and crochet hats and scarves for sick patients in the hospital, they make delicious burritos for the homeless community (that they’ve been serving for over 20 years!) and they shine bright in all their work!

I am truly blessed to know these ladies, know their hearts, and know that all the work they do brings so many smiles to so many!

For more information, visit the Urban Angels on Facebook to keep up with their projects!