Newest Fashion Trends looks at the changing temperaments of consumers that dictate trends to see what brands have shown recent signs of promise. What was once clearly defined has been blurred into everything from high street to high fashion in the last decade. As streetwear, menswear and sportswear have become increasingly fluid categories, labels are forced to be dynamic while remaining true to their individual brand vision. In 2017 we saw the rise of a number of labels that have made their way into the spotlight, and we are expecting them to continue to build upon their success this year.

These are the top fashion brands you definitely should watch in 2018. Selected by a team specialized in quality & fashion. A powerful story is needed to make it to the fashion list.

Every brand deserved its spot in the list. These brands are unique in their own way.

Without further ado, here are our 10 brands to watch out for in 2018, in no particular order.

top fashion brands

California Cowboy

California Cowboy has redesigned the Aloha shirt.  The idea for the High Water shirt was conceived after searching for a modern version of the vintage poolside styles from the past California Cowboy combines perfect fit, custom fabrics, killer function, head-turning style, custom developed prints in vintage California colors.



Casual menswear and womenswear from the city of London.

Nicce is known for their unique and casual street wear trends.

NICCE was established in 2013. Founder & creative director Mitchel Galvin-Farnol identified a gap in the market for clean, simple, quality contemporary casual-wear and streetwear. He had spent time working in Ibiza where he was drawn into the island and inspired by its inhabitants, style and music. When Mitchel returned to London he took this clean-cut, honest and no-fuss approach to life and fused it with what was happening at London’s street level to create an original clothing brand that everyone could, and would want to wear.

NICCE has cemented its place as a premier London lifestyle brand. Celebrated for its unique take on the latest casual-wear and streetwear trends. Throughout its growth NICCE has stayed true to its roots and Mitchel’s original concept. London is the cultural hub that sparks the brand’s creativity. NICCE is embedded, supportive and completely influenced by the ever-changing culture, lifestyle and rich music scenes of London.  top fashion brands



Mexican street wear clothing brand with a direct approach.

PUTA, which is Spanish for “slut,” offers a more literal mash-up of old and new, updating vintage Levi’s and Hilfiger jean jackets with cheeky embroidery (a traditional technique). Think of it as Mexico City’s answer to those beloved Gucci denim pieces. Not looking to break the bank? Their tees and hoodies exhibit the same playful aesthetic at a more affordable price point.



We’ve already sung the praises of CRACKXCOCAINE, a brand that pays homage to streetwear hype culture while simultaneously poking fun at it. Their T-shirts, hoodies and hats reimagine beloved brand logos like Thrasher and Champion with in-your-face drug references, a joke that becomes all too appropriate when you factor in the fervent addiction kids have to hyped clothing, not to mention the booming Mexican drug trade. Simply put, this brand nails it.

TannerGonzalez Top Brands to watch 2018


Hispanic Luxury Brand from U.S.A.

For 10 years TannerGonzalez has been building a luxury brand around attention to detail and quality.  The brand is a lifestyle brand offering one of a kind carefully curated one of a kind products, and hand crafted luxury accessories and fragrances. has taken Hispanic influence to an interactive experience surrounded by food, drink, entertainment and fashion all found in it’s Hispanic Luxury Life online magazine. is a great place to shop, learn about Hispanic influences and build your own Hispanic luxury lifestyle.

TannerGonzalez is continuing it’s path to be innovative but rooted in its Hispanic influence.



Tony Delfino epitomizes the new school. His colorful graphics, which adorn everything from hoodies and T-shirts to hats and lighters, cast a wide net of influences and references, including Japanese streetwear, Twin Peaks and Joy Division. Spanish and English logos are interchangeably stitched and screen-printed. If one brand embodies the “anything goes” mentality of Mexico City streetwear, it’s Tony Delfino.  top fashion brands

crooks and castles


Crooks & Castles Started in 2002 on the principles of family and loyalty. We believe behind every Castle stands a Crook. Meaning behind every empire, someone did something that can be perceived as crooked to achieve their goal. Castles represents our goal. Our brand is for every hustler, entrepreneur, or mogul trying to win. C&C is deeply rooted in street culture with a luxury aesthetic, illustrated perfectly by our iconic Medusa logo. After 15 years of building our brand we think its time to open up our vault to our loyal customer family, enjoy.- The Founders, Dennis Calvero & Rob Panlilio



Fresh street wear designed in Germany.

The story started with parties they organized with custom graphic logo t-shirts. The entrepreneurs created the t-shirts while they were still enrolled at university. After university, they decided to follow their dream of building their own brand.

backyard cartel


Polish clothing brand, which surprised the Polish and European market with attractive street wear fashion.

Fresh designs and high quality products is the motto of Backyard Cartel.



RVLT is a contemporary Danish street fashion brand.

The inspiration is drawn from sports-fashion, high fashion, graphic design, art and the environments of sub-cultures. The mission is to create easygoing and casual clothing for everyday wear.