When I think of the French manicure, I picture my high school classmates’ nude nails with thin white stripes and, on special occasions like prom, thick white acrylic tips. French tips were so popular, some girls even used Wite-Out to DIY the look. Even though French manicures were one of the biggest beauty trends of the ’90s and early ’00s, it was a look I just couldn’t get behind. Along with flip-flops, low-rise jeans, and Razr flip phones, the French manicure eventually faded into obscurity in favor of minimalist half moon and negative space designs. Until now.  

While I’ve always strongly been anti-French manicure, celebs like Bella Hadid, Camila Cabello, Hailey Baldwin, and Beyoncé have made me think that I should stop trying to fight it and just give the manicure a try. Thanks to these stars, the French manicure is suddenly everywhere again and on track to become the biggest nail trend of 2019. 

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A French manicure doesn’t have to be classic Wite-Out white round or square tip. Celebrity nail artist Ashlie Johnson, who works with Brie Larson and Dakota Johnson, says that a soft French is a subtle alternative. “For a soft look, I like to file in more rounded or almond shapes and use muted colors,” she says. “I prefer the French on shapes that elongate the hands and fingers, long or short.” 

Color is also coming into play. Remember this spring’s rainbow manicure trend? It works great on a French, too. Nail artist Taryn Multack, who’s helped kickstart this summer’s tie-dye nail trend on Instagram, recommends pairing colors in the same range, like pastels or all mid-tones. “You can follow the order of the rainbow or have the freedom to mix and match,” she suggests. “I typically mirror the same color combo I do on my right hand with my left hand. The symmetry of mixed colors looks kind of like organized chaos.” 

Whether or not you’re team French manicure, there’s no denying that it’s popular again. Need more proof? Keep scrolling to see how celebrities are wearing the latest nostalgic beauty trend. 

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