Photo: Splash News

While Rihanna showed off the ladylike appeal of a neat high bun last week, a more laid-back iteration of the style has been cropping up on the heads of fashion’s favorite off-duty beauties. Outdoors for a stroll on a chilly day in New York City, Jessica Hart leaned into the static-inducing winter air with a fuzzy topknot that felt as cozy as her oversize sweater and lived-in jeans—a paparazzi-proof airport strategy that Poppy Delevingne also employed at LAX with her hair piled high into a woolly twist. Over in West Hollywood, Rita Ora spiraled her blonde locks into a shiny, slightly off-kilter coil that balanced sporty and stylish, much like her leather tracksuit. And fellow California girls Kendall Jenner and Gwen Stefani took the look out for a casual spin. Just in time for a Thanksgiving weekend spent lazing around the house, here’s to the instant charm of a cheerful topknot.

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