she's all that movie still

Oh, to go to high school in the nineties. Remember? Back then the educational institution was more of an everything-goes playground in which crop tops never violated the student dress code, heartthrob Andrew Keegan was not in a kombucha-brewing cult, and everyone knew how—and when—to break out into a synchronized dance routine. Well, at least in the movies. But the most important part of the slumber party favorite flicks? Every nerdy protagonist was granted a geek-to-chic makeover. Maybe it requires a dye job and a tube top like Jawbreaker’s Fern Mayo, or a bohemian rhapsody of a prom dress like Never Been Kissed’s Josie Geller, and maybe it’s the wisdom of experience, but most of these “before” looks aren’t so bad either. But the time has come for a trip down memory lane, so cue up that Smash Mouth, take off those glasses, shake out that messy bun, and get ready for homeroom: We’ve got the best movie makeovers from the decade—and the today-ready takes that will get you an A+.


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