May 2, 2018 – Summer consists of relaxing by the pool, hanging with friends, and having no worries. The biggest of my worries during the summer is what outfit I’m going to wear – probably the best worry to have, right? Summer clothing usually includes lighter weight material and brighter colors. This fun shift from dark layered outfits means a whole lot of experimenting with new fads and fun ideas. Plenty of trends from earlier in the year are still going strong while new concepts are continually emerging. These are my observations and predictions for the HOTTEST summer trends of 2018.

Though I love a good trend, I am not promoting the need to consistently keep up with popular trends. I like to buy trends on a lower budget and incorporate them into my personal style. While they are fun and I do love a lot of them, I’m not trying to pushing the idea that they are necessary.

  1. Cowboy Boots: I definitely think this is a trend that no one saw coming. Cowboy boots have been the hottest new shoe for the warmer weather. This trend, mainly worn at festivals this year, is taking over summer. Often styled with a cute pair of distressed, loose-fitted shorts and a cropped shirt, this trend mixes two worlds I would’ve never dreamed of. When this trend originally surfaced, I didn’t know how to feel about it. I was never a huge fan of the Western look that swept the fashion world a few years ago. Now, instead of double buckle belts and wide rimmed hats, we are noticing the emergence of cowboy boots. I think this look can be a total hit if styled correctly.
  2. Platform Ankle Sandals: Practical, cute, and easy to pair with any outfit; this trend is universal. I personally love this trend. I think the accessibility to budget-friendly options is a great quality along with the versatility of the shoe. I actually purchased a white version of these four years back for $7 and I am so excited to see this trend hit big. They are comfortable and are a great alternative to flip flops to spice up an outfit. They can easily be paired with a swimsuit or a casual pair of mom shorts this summer.
  3. Transparent Bags: A seemingly odd trend to say the least, this is one taking over the fashion world. I currently have one of these on the way and I am obsessed with this trend. I like that they range to pretty affordable options even though there are plenty of pricey designer ones on the market. Observing the shift from transparent shoes to transparent bags has been fascinating. I was never a fan of the transparent shoes. Once your feet got sweaty – game over. Plus, they never really flattered anyone, not even Kim Kardashian. But this transparent bag trend gripped my heart and I am living for the creativity of this idea. You can put another colored bag inside of it to make it more of a fashion statement or you can carry it as is. For the summer, it is perfect for the beach or a brunch date with the girls.
  4. Yellow and Orange: These colors are all the rage this season. Yellow is still standing strong as it was a huge statement color in the fall. More recently, however, orange has been creeping its way up on the color chart. Because these colors are vibrant and radiant, they do stand out but can be muted down for the less bold. Pale yellows and oranges are the perfect dust of color on a summer day without your clothing screaming in everyone’s face. Sometimes, though, you want your colors to scream in people’s face. That’s when you go for the bright oranges and yellows.
  5. Vintage Florals: As seen at your favorite trend dispensing stores, vintage floral is all the rage. Now, don’t get this confused with the boho floral that was on-trend a few years ago. This floral has more of a vintage look to it. It could maybe be something your mom wore in the 1970’s. Smaller, less generic, and less cheap looking flowers are now printed on every pair of flowy trousers and every maxi dress at your local Zara. I’ve never been a huge floral fan so this isn’t one for me to get behind but it is perfect for the summer as it is easy to throw on and instantly spices up an outfit.

I am SO looking forward to summer so I can shed some layers and get experimental with the way I dress. Being out of school means more time to plan my outfits and more fun things to do so I can show them off. Be sure to get creative with your outfits. Whether that is following some of these trends or venturing off on your own, have fun with it!