May 15, 2018 – The beach is one of the hottest summer spots of the season so it’s only appropriate if your outfit is just as hot! Sometimes dressing for the beach is tricky and oftentimes gets pushed to the back burner because you’ll just shed your top layers to reveal your best swimwear. In my opinion, what you wear over your swimsuit and to the beach is just as important. Here are some pieces to add to your summer wardrobe when combating both the hot temperatures and staying stylish.

From Missguided

Maxi Skirts or Pants with Slits: These pieces are great for the beach and can be easily transformed into everyday clothing. The slits allow for ease and flow while stilling battling the heat. They can cover you up while still being stylish and some are even mesh, see through, or lace which allows you to show off your cute suit underneath. A lot of these skirts and pants are sets as well which is convenient for either the beach or the streets.

From Meshki Boutique

Netted Shirts and Dresses: This trend was seen a lot at festivals this year but I think it’s perfect for throwing over a swimsuit. I love how it looks if you have a simple high waisted swimsuit under it because it makes the dress or shirt the spotlight of your outfit without doing much. Plus, if worn with a pair of high waisted shorts, this look is still somewhat modest and acceptable to wear out if you’re swinging by to grab a bite after hitting the waves.

from ASOS

Beaded Swimwear: I love the look of a beaded swimsuit because it’s extreme and gives your swimsuit the ability to stand out from the rest. If all you throw on is a pair of shorts over the bottoms, you’re good to go. The beading is also elegant and, when done correctly, is still classic and sweet while being fun and extra. There isn’t much more to do if you have the right beaded swimsuit.

From Nasty Gal

One Pieces: OF COURSE this had to be included. As seen last summer, one pieces were all the rage. One pieces are still going strong and I love the versatility of them. With the perfect pair of high waisted shorts, you basically have an everyday outfit. A lot of one pieces can double as bodysuits and patterned ones make it easy to have a complete outfit. Overall, one pieces offer a simple and effortless solution to beach day style.

Head Wraps: This sure isn’t a new fad but I have always been a big fan of this look. It’s practical and functional while keeping you in style. By keeping hair out of your eyes, there is such an accessibility to it. It’s fun to mix and match patterns and colors, especially if you’re looking to accessorize your beachwear.

I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for your summer beach wardrobe. The best part: there are dupes of all these looks that won’t break the bank. Have a great, fashionable summer!