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Contact: Angela Duda


National Ruby Post unveils revamped Logo and Website.


October 1, 2014-Denver, Colorodo,  National Rugby Post ( unveiled it’s new Logo and Website to the public. The new brand image is a result of working with parent company ACF Ventures and it’s marketing & brand partner.   Since 2011, National Rugby Post has become one of the only Rugby Business Analysts in North America.


“The excitement about the preparation for the Rugby World Cup ( in 2015 for National Rugby Post is growing, in anticipation of that event we decided to work on our Brand DNA now” comments Mary Ellen Miller, Web Producer.


The new website and logo are product of the internal team at ACF Ventures ( the company is a subsidiary and the head analyst is the founder of ACF Ventures – Gregory Tanner.




National Rugby Post – Rugby Business Analysts = The study of the professional business of Rugby.  National Rugby Post is the world’s premier analyst team for the business of Rugby.  With Rugby being one of the worlds fastest growing sports in the past 15 years, we seek to meet the needs of businesses, media, clubs and sponsors to get independant research of the business of the sport and to analyze the opportunities in the sport and it’s world wide market appeal.




ACF Ventures is a network of organizations that supports the clients of Aspen Capital Fund as subcontractors. We bring the brightest and most professional organizations together to form a community that supports the vision that sharing knowledge, teamwork, and experience helps build successful business communities. Our network of companies hold the highest regard for the success of your business.   As a small family owned business we understand the challenges of the small business owner. Our goal is to help share experience and knowledge that isn’t common in the Hispanic or Minority owned businesses.  We wish to see that our communities and families understand that advisors, resources and knowledge is available to them for building successful businesses.