March 26, 2018 – Who knew that paper could be cut, stapled, and put back together to make whole dresses and outfits? Friday, March 23rd, marked a day Denver fashion will never forget. The 14th annual ONE Paper Fashion Show challenged all preconceived notions that clothing has to be made out of materials like cotton with a thread and needle. From participants like various design students to local artists, partial proceeds from this event benefit the Downtown Aurora Visual Arts program. This organization helps provide after-school art programs for at-risk youth. Spicers Paper, along with other paper mills, donate and support these designers in their creative passions. Seemingly, fashion for a good cause can’t get any better, but when unconventional, paper outfits are apart of it, it can. Here are some of my favorite looks:

This dress was full of texture and 3-D elements that made it come to life in the most electrifying way. Designed by Unsung Wolves, this dress emulated my multiple armed sea friends and I felt like I was watching Ursula, from The Little Mermaid, come to life. The layering and depth was intricate and the flow of the hanging pieces followed the model like a train. The ombre between the deep purple/blue to the white was practically immaculate and I just adored the use of a spiral shape to spice things up. This dress caught my eye from the moment it hit the runway and it’s obvious why.

This delicate and complex piece was breathtaking to say the least. The Denver Design Incubator team created a pantsuit with a structured hoop skirt that was bound to turn heads. The color scheme felt heavenly with its bold red and flakes of gold. What struck me as unique about this outfit was that it included paper-made pants. Most of the outfits were dresses so besides the beauty of the design, this outfit was elaborate and took paper outfits to the next level. 

The dark purple to white ombre was especially popular this year. This design by Blue Linen Creative had the audience in awe as it, slowly but surely, glided down the stage. The woven texture and intertwining colors created a stunning and complicated finish. My favorite part, and of course everyone else’s, was the extravagant cone cape that danced behind the dress. I was transfixed by this fragile looking piece and astonished at how much time and patience it must’ve taken to design and build this. The cape and dress worked seamlessly and complemented each other impeccably. 

I was impressed by this glossy two piece set designed by Dulce Divine Designs. Though this construction was elegant and, of course, complex, I admired the use of this vinyl-like paper for both pieces of the set. This was different and the skirt was still able to hold a beautiful shape. On top of that, who doesn’t love that giant rose as an accessory?!

Gold won the hearts of many when this lavish design filled the room with a glimmer. Beto’s Hair Studio opted to do things big, and big things they sure did! This elaborate outfit had the entire audience on its feet and completely jaw dropped. For starters, this exquisite headpiece blew me away with its overall mass and volume. The dragon arm pieces were just as over-the-top as the rest of the ensemble and created an even larger-than-life concept to the piece. Finished with a scale-like cape, this outfit looked like a sculptor to me. I was blown away with the complexity this piece held and the talent of the designers. Let’s not forget, this piece was made out of paper…

The One Club for Creativity – Denver – did a tremendous job organizing such a fabulous event. The One Club is a non-profit organization to focuses on promoting collaborative creative work throughout Colorado. For years they’ve been putting on industry events that are sure to leave their mark. The ONE Paper Fashion Show was seriously one of the most phenomenal ones to date. The amount of ability and expertise these designers had was something beyond incredible, whatever that might be. Paper, like other things in the world, can be imagined and created to do so much more. I hope to see you next year, PFS!