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Tinder, the app that has been called “the dawn of the ‘dating apocalypse,’ ” has unveiled yet another way to woo. Starting today, users everywhere will now have the ability to “super like” someone on the app by simply swiping up. Super liking someone certainly does not sound subtle, but whoever said subtlety was Tinder’s strong suit?

Previously, users could only find out whether someone liked them if their swipe was reciprocated. Now Tinder will alert users if they’ve been super liked. (A little blue star will appear by the liker’s profile photo.) Before you panic that everyone is going to go on a super-liking spree, Tinder is allowing non-paying users only one super like a day. Choose wisely, folks!

The new feature was launched in beta form in Australia some weeks ago. After testing the waters there, Tinder saw that super-like users were three times more likely to match and have lengthier interactions (up to 70 percent longer than regular matches). To announce the launch, Tinder released a pseudo-superhero trailer starring models Erin Heatherton and Nina Agdal. Watch below.


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