As I was getting ready today, I realized how dang long my bangs are and I knew that I needed to get a bang cut. I reached out to a couple of people knowing that this was probably too soon to get an appointment and then I thought to myself , “ya know what! I want to see how the salon at my local Walmart does at cutting hair!” To me, it was an exciting adventure because I always get my hair cut by absolutely amazing stylists at local independent salons. But, I thought I’d jump outside my comfort zone and besides, I had to pick up dog food and shampoo.

I wandered into the salon, excited to see who was going to cut my hair. A young man, early 20’s, stepped out of my view and a woman stepped in asking me if she could help me. “YES! Please! I need a bang trim!”

I sat in her chair and she shared her story with me. A woman, 44 (just like me) who got pregnant when she was 19. She dropped out of cosmetology school when she had her baby girl. She talked about how for her next 20+ years she would raise her children and be there for them and what a blessing that was to be able to do that.

About 4 years ago, her and her husband divorced and she found herself not knowing what to do with her life. Her daughter (whom she was pregnant with), said, “Mom! Now is the time to finish what you started!” And together, her and her daughter went on to get their licenses.

Her story inspired me so much!!! I invited her and her daughter to be part of any fashion events that I have and I will so gladly connect them with other local fashion events.

We all have a story. And whether you’re working at Walmart or at a high end salon, there is a passion that drives us, and she had that passion! I’m so grateful to have met her!

And, I love my bang job. I told her to be fearless and get in there and chop it up. She did just that!