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If you follow top model Edie Campbell on Instagram, you’ll know that she often shares the frame with another beautiful creature—her horse Dolly. And in Campbell’s recent Instagirl video directed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, a series that celebrates the lives of the Vogue September cover girls, Dolly once again steals the spotlight. “I didn’t want the video to be about me so I made Dolly the star,” says Campbell. “I wanted it to be sort of like watching Dolly. Horses are quite funny animals.”

Since the British model started riding at the age of five, she’s developed quite a bond with her beloved horse. And like any good equine lover, Campbell dedicates plenty of that time to grooming. “Before I compete, they have a bubble bath, a full shampoo, their tails washed, and a trim—it’s a full extravaganza—like a spa,” she says. “And they get a little coat of black hoof oil that is like tar that makes their hooves perfectly uniformly black. Then you put the shine on.”

Aside from grooming, there’s also the equestrian uniform to consider—from top hat to waistcoat. So do her and Dolly ever coordinate looks? “Nope. I go for the simplest option and don’t really go for full colors,” says Campbell. “I’m a minimalist when it comes to my horse’s outfit.”

Dolly may be doted on, but she is no show pony. Campbell has ridden her in several different competitions ranging from dressage to show jumping. Together, they have gone on to win medals, including the Ladies’ Day race at Goodwood, in which Campbell beat an eventual Olympic medalist. And although Campbell has graced the cover of Vogue, we suspect there’s another magazine in whose pages she’d like to see herself. “I read the magazine Horse & Hound religiously every week. They have the competition reports with all of the big competitors. It is my favorite magazine,” says Campbell. “Apart from Vogue, obviously!”

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