March 29, 2018 – The opening night of Denver Fashion Week was completely unconventional, pushing the limits of fashion and social standards as we know them. 303 Magazine put on yet another fascinating evening of fashion. Held at Wings Over the Rockies, this show featuring all local designers and nontraditional models sure didn’t disappoint. Fashion is all about making a statement and crossing boarders and that’s exactly what the designers on Thursday, March 22nd, did.

Topping Designs started the show out with an all inclusive gender line. These models were confident and they were given a grand platform to show it. Featuring almost all red and black outfits, the dark mystique of these designs held a lot of weight. I also loved the more contemporary pieces that were showcased – trousers, blouses, and midi dresses. I admired Topping Designs’ way of making everyone apart of their line.

Tyne Hall brought out models of all heights to rock their trendy designs. I was absolutely living for this black asymmetrical pleather lined skirt and cropped top combo. I want to first say that this model looked beyond stunning in this outfit. The fitted band of the skirt cinched the waist in all the right ways while the rest of the skirt feathered out to gather a wider shape. I adored the bounce of the skirt as the model strutted in it – the movement of a design is always important. When paired with a simple black spaghetti strap crop top, the simplicity of the top gave way for the bottom. This design was ready for a warm fall day in New York.

Pretty in pink graced the stage in the most adorable way. Rachel Marie Hurst dared an array of looks and styles for her segment of the show. My favorite look was this beautiful pink satin mini skater dress. This pink color alone was unreal, especially when displayed on the model. Patterned with little boxes of diamonds in a deeper pink shade, this dress was elegant and classy. I died when I saw the draping of pearls around the neck. It seemed like you could peel back layer after layer and still never get to the bottom of the pearls. After seeing this charming dress, I wanted to put on all of my girliest pieces.

Who doesn’t want a five foot trail following their every move as they walk? Steve Sells showcased a specifically sophisticated line. This matching trouser/trail set combined flashy with seasoned. The almost ombre cloud-like design joined grey and blue to create a foggy image. The loose fit of the pants, accompanied by the flow of the train, made me feel like the model was walking on clouds. Complete with a corset belt, this look was quite divine.

Night by Charlie Price gave us all the dark vibes we didn’t know we needed. Oversized, single garments were the theme of the NIGHT for this designer. This all white outfit starred a huge cape. The wide turtleneck elongated the neck in an elaborate way. In this shot, you can see the flow of the cape was magnificent. Though the cape had sleeves, it was styled with the arms down by the sides, in turn creating an avant garde effect. Once again, Night disrupted normal standards to bring something experimental and new to the table.

Stevie Boi, a nationally iconic eyewear designer, definitely took the audience by surprise with his collection. I couldn’t get enough of his use of pinks to give off a Candyland feel to the set. This design utilized clear vinyl, long sleeves, and a beret – some of my favorite things! The vinyl coat, layered over a pink jumpsuit, was next level. The way-too-long sleeves were trendy and forward-looking. Of course Stevie Boi added a pink beret and some popular pink cat eye shades to complete the look. Overall, I was definitely impressed by his collection that surprisingly consisted of not only creative eyewear, but envelope-pushing designs as well.

Now that was a lot of designs. Like I can’t stop saying, Denver Fashion Week was absolutely incredible this year. Every single night was full of talented designers looking to bring themselves and their designs to the next level. Thank you for an UNREAL week, DFW and 303 Magazine. Until next year…