It’s been a whirlwind year for Kate Nauta: The singer and actress recorded her forthcoming album with Lenny Kravitz, released her latest film, 37: A Final Promise, and got married in Montauk. Recently, she put her summer vacation on pause for an afternoon to drop by the Vogue offices. We couldn’t help but admire her sun-kissed skin, smattering of freckles, and beachy blonde ringlets—so here, just in time for Labor Day weekend, we share some of her favorite year-round beauty products for an endless summer.

Is your hair naturally curly?
Yes. It’s funny, people always think that curly hair means you can just wake up and roll out, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s actually easier for me to straighten it every day. When I do let it go curly, my trick is to use water. After I shower, I flip my hair into the sink and run water through it, then I make it very piece-y with my fingers and scrunch it with a towel. I use this great Aveda curl cream that has a soft texture. I’ve been trying to grow my hair out because I had a pixie cut for a few years. The trick is not to put heat on it—and use Viviscal.

What about your freckles—have you always had them?
I used to be really insecure about my freckles. When I was finally old enough to wear makeup, probably thirteen, I begged my mother to get me some foundation that would cover them. I only started liking them when I began modeling and people actually complimented them.

Do you wear much makeup?
No, but I have this incredible, really light foundation by Bobbi Brown. Because it’s summer, my body is darker than my face is, so I like to make it even. Under my eyes I use Make Up For Ever concealer. Oh, and NARS’s Laguna is the best bronzer. Just to give you a little something.

Between your hair, freckles, and tan, you look like you live at the beach.
I live in Chelsea, but I spend a lot of time in Montauk and Amagansett. My husband is an interior designer. He does hotels, bars, and restaurants—the Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyer’s were his vision, from the food to the design. He’s had a little cottage in Amagansett for eight years. We spend essentially every weekend out there.

You just got married in Montauk. What did you do for makeup?
We did! I wore an A-line dress that I fell in love with. I wanted my skin to look very dewy and fresh. My makeup artist used Make Up For Ever foundation and you couldn’t tell I had anything on. She put a little highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes and the tops of my cheekbones, too, and that made a really big difference.

What’s on the honeymoon packing list, beauty-wise?
Well, for the beach, not much. But for Paris nights, I wanted to vamp it up. My go-tos are a beautiful bronze eye shadow or a cat eye wing just on top with liner. When I wear a nude eye, I love a bold lip. You can get away with it all year long. I have MAC Morange and Russian Red, but I’ll bring all of my lipsticks—it’s Paris!

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