Photo: Courtesy of Ebay

Terrific news for style aficionados (and lovers of a certain type of recent fashion history): This weekend, perennial muses Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg are auctioning off a Birkin and a Balenciaga City bag, respectively, from their personal collections. The proceeds will benefit Anno’s Africa, a U.K.-based charity named for Birkin’s nephew that benefits vulnerable children in Kenyan slums.

Birkin’s Birkin is well-loved, with a hard-won luster (years of adventures will do that), autographed in white pen on the inside and hung with a small red talisman. It also may very well be the last of her eponymous collection—she told us in 2011 that she has only ever owned four of the hotly coveted handbags since Jean-Louis Dumas named it after her in 1984, and she’s donated the other three to charity auctions already. To own potentially the last of Jane Birkin’s Birkins?! It’s the holy grail of handbags. Begin bidding now: The starting price has been set at £10,000 and the auction ends on Sunday. (But take heed: At the last auction, the icon’s first-ever Birkin sold for about ten times that.)

Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Balenciaga City bag

Photo: Courtesy of Ebay

Not one for It bags? The Anno’s Africa auction also features sartorial offerings and other memorabilia from figures like Elton John, Ralph Steadman, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Bid on Jane Birkin’s Birkin here.

Bid on Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Balenciaga City bag here.

See the full list of auction items, here.

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