Gladiator Sandals Paris Fashion Week

When it comes to borrowing from the boys, fashion shows no sign of letting up: Spring’s must-have footwear—the gladiator sandal—is as associated with courageous warriors as it is with downtown boho sensibilities. Co-opted ages ago by goddesses, the laced-up sandal remains the shoe of choice for surefooted mortals with a keen sense of chic. Especially complementary to leggy looks, the style experienced a renaissance in the miniskirted sixties: Not only did they match the fashions of the time, but their neo-classical vibe suited the decade’s sense of renewal, the feeling, as President Kennedy put it, that the world was standing “on the edge of a New Frontier.” Perhaps we’re back on the cusp of a new modern age: Here, a look at the sandal that never goes out of style.

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