Anyone who has taken the platinum plunge knows the sweet, addictive agony of Arctic-blonde hair. The halo effect. The tri-weekly touchups. The wiry, pliable texture. The terror of swimming pools. To complicate matters, when your hair is stripped of all its natural pigment, it’s porous, meaning it resists any attempts to go back to a softer shade of pale—soaking up even the softest blonde color like a sponge with sad, mousy results.

Or does it? Last night, consummate ice blonde Aline Weber, who helped usher in the bright-white trend both on and off the runways a few seasons back, posted a picture of her freshly tinted honey-brown hair just in time for Fashion Week.

“I’ve been a platinum girl for almost five years, but my hair was breaking quite a bit. I thought it would be nice and fun to change,” Weber told us of going brunette just in time for New York Fashion Week. After experimenting with a number of wigs, she settled on a hue just a smidge darker than her natural deep-wheat shade and dialed her colorist, Aura Friedman at Sally Hershberger. “The transformation took four hours. I’m was still platinum, so Aura did a base, then a gold, and then a brown.”

Weber’s rich, back-to-her-roots tint feels just right for fall—and is enough to convince even the most hopeless peroxide addict that, in the hands of the right colorist, you really can go home again.

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