Imaan Hammam

If last Wednesday felt like the mother of all Mondays, perhaps this whole week has felt like a premature Friday—with many dashing out of the office as soon as humanly possible to sink into the couch, curl up in bed, or take the kind of long, lazy soak that’s usually reserved for weekends.

You know, the kind of wet-hair-don’t-care spa night that doesn’t end until your fingers have turned to prunes, and occupying the bathroom for even another minute will likely lead to a household revolt. Take a cue from the Insta set, like Imaan Hammam, Constance Jablonski, or Adwoa Aboah, who dove into their tubs with the exuberance of children, while Josephine Skriver’s bathtime selfie was as pensive as one can get without a book. Here’s to the good, clean fun of lighting some candles, pouring in decadent amounts of bath gel, and finding your moment of Zen.

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