eye creams

Are eye creams a necessary, carefully calibrated step in your routine, or the skincare equivalent of the emperor’s new clothes? According to New York City dermatologist Lisa Airan, the skin surrounding your eye is surprisingly idiosyncratic—and it’s one spot you don’t want to underestimate. “[It’s] thinner and has a lower density of the glands that produce moisturization,” she explained. “The skin also sits right on top of the muscle underneath the eye, making it more susceptible to wrinkling.” So while your go-to serum or ultra-rich face cream may work wonders on the rest of your complexion, it’s not necessarily formulated for the especially delicate area below your lower lash line and can clog pores, causing small white bumps to form under the skin, added Airan. When used daily, the latest crop of balms, lotions, and masks can make a noticeable difference in terms of fine lines, dryness, and dark circles—or, in other words, a brighter, smoother tomorrow.

Caudalíe developed its most recent beauty breakthrough in tandem with Harvard Medical School. Using a patented combo of resveratrol (a molecule found in grape vines) and micro-hyaluronic acid, this high-tech formula promises to stimulate collagen and elastin, as well as boost your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid production by 226 percent. Korean company Mizon turned to the ocean to find the answer to firmer, brighter eyes—infusing its cushiony cream with starfish extract to help you fake those ever-elusive eight hours of sleep. For instant de-puffing, Guerlain’s innovative Eye Sculpt Serum offers an ergonomic, 22-karat-gold-plated applicator designed to deliver royal jelly sourced from French bees with the delicate flick of your forefinger, while Kenzo created a ginger-laced lotion intended to be stashed in your fridge for a cooling-on-contact effect.

With so many of next season’s striking runway looks focused around the eyes—like the painterly swoosh of cobalt that coated lids at Missoni; deconstructed lashes on display at Louis Vuitton; and glittery brow bones at Giambattista Valli—we suggest prepping this sensitive area for the spotlight now.

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