April 8, 2018 – Unique is definitely the perfect word to describe this action packed week of fashion shows. Put on April 2nd-6th, Denver’s Unique Week of Fashion was not one to miss. Produced by At Your Service Event Planning and with proceeds going to fund mental health awareness, the multiplicity of this production is quite incredible. The show’s message is all about inclusivity. All gender preferences, ages, sizes, races, and even political positions (LOL) are welcome. The warm and embracing atmosphere sure attracts a lot of different creatives from around the state. From designers to hair and makeup artists to models and photographers, DUWF showcases each individual’s talents to form a cohesive and, yes, unique show.


Photo by Courtney Noelle Photography Photo by Courtney Noelle Photography

Luxe303 created an upbeat vibe to go with their entertaining show. Luxe ALWAYS brings the heat to the runway. Easily one of my favorite boutiques, Luxe brings together the flavor of Miami to meet with Denver’s urban, casual look. This beautiful silk blazer was tailored to perfection as it graced the model to give a professional and suave look. The use of vibrant and bold colors was done elegantly and allowed the blazer stand out while still maintaining its polished effect. A black button up and nice-fitted trousers completed the look. Eye-catching yet practical, this look was bound to turn some heads… I mean, come on!


It’s always a pleasure seeing Parasite Eve Designs, especially at the Parkside Mansion. Their creative and charming ball gowns never fail to impress. Each design that waltzed down the runway was accompanied by gasps, jaw drops, and cheering. This gown was my absolute dream! I felt my inner Disney princess, Belle, come out as this dress sparkled under the lights. The gold, ivory, and yellow palette was tasteful, show-stopping, and unique. The strong frame of the skirt was offset by the delicate gold pattern dancing on the ivory material. Layers of draping magic hung from the midsection with a hint of yellow. My favorite part, poorly pictured, was the chest of gold pearls that flooded the upper front of the dress. Parasite Eve Designs made me fall deep into my extravagant dress fantasy.


Delicate but definitely not simple, Anaabel Marquez Intimates screamed sexy with a hint of classy – leaving its mark at the SKYLIGHT Lounge. As far as intimates go, these designs were sophisticated and chic. I could tell they gave the models confidence because they sure hit the runway with a BAM! The chest to neck black laced chocker detail developed a new layer of dimension to the look. When paired with a similar laced garter belt, the legs were elongated and the hips and stomach were toned. Of course a cute and quirky addition to this look was the cat socks. Marquez blended the right amount of darling and seductive to complete such a bomb look.


DeNae LaRue truly exhibited art with her showcased pieces at X @ Sloan’s. I have never heard or seen an audience get as animated as this one did for this phenomenal dress. This line was inspired by Black Panther and each of the pieces beautifully emulated that. I feel as though this dress needs no explanation – it’s breathtaking, admirable, and mind-blowing. The different hues of pink fade in all ways to highlight an immaculate ombre to the white. The tule train was oversized and shaped the experimental form of the skirt even more. As if this wasn’t enough to convince you that this piece was over-the-top incredible, everything was hand painted. This dress had me on my feet and I couldn’t think of a better way to close off the week.

Denver’s Unique Week of Fashion was community filled and all-encompassing. I adored the inspiring message and saw the positive impact it left on everyone involved. Colorado really does have some remarkable talent and I can’t believe I get to be apart of it. Thank you for having me DUWF, hope to see you next year!


Other photos from DUWF: 

Photo by Courtney Noelle Photography for LUXE 303 Anaabel Marquez Fashion Designer Sherry’s Angels Parasite Eve Designs Paraiste Eve Designs Anaabel Marquez Fashion Designer Abyssinians Family Fashion Design S&K Custom Clothing