Daylight saving time. It’s a concept that few of us understand and many of us loathe. Fall backward, spring forward is the old expression, and with it should come a new timepiece to ensure that you are never running late. And with so many options, the question is posed: where to begin? This fall saw the resurgence of the micro lady watch—a dial with a small face typically reserved for evening but brought out of the safety deposit box for daytime occasions. One the other hand, the trend for oversize men’s watches with chronographs and metal bracelets has been going strong too. But now there is a compromise. Enter the midi watch, which manages to balance the best of both worlds—delicate without bring overly dainty. The uptick? A pared-back aesthetic in white, yellow, or rose gold with minimal frills and a leather or grosgrain strap. The time to return to a quiet elegance is now.

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