Banks is the kind of millennial musician who is hard to pin down; shaped by It producers like SOHN and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, her sound is as thick and layered and blurry as the black and white music videos that she’s made in the lead-up to her debut album, Goddess, available today. She’s also as much a fashion plate as she is a music star: She attended Chanel’s couture show earlier this summer and is set to perform at Coach’s upcoming party. So when we asked her to make a playlist of songs she’s listening to during New York Fashion Week, we ended up with a list as diverse and elusive as her music.

With entries as varied as D’Angelo, Portishead, Tracy Chapman, and TLC, it’s not surprising that Banks shies away from labeling herself. “I don’t know what a genre even is,” she says. “Every musician has their own soul and mind and heartbeat and flavor. There is a separate ‘genre’ for every person on this earth.” Take a listen.

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