June 4, 2018 – There is only one thing better than fashion shows and it’s fashion shows that benefit a good cause. The Children’s Miracle Fashion Show on May 31st did exactly that. 100% of the proceeds made from ticket sales and auction items went straight to the Children’s Miracle Network and Children Hospital Colorado. Ambassadors Sam, Kaymen, and Anela shared touching stories about their time at Children’s and led the show with charisma and comedy. With a venue like the Chateaux at Fox Meadows and plenty of local, up-and-coming designers, it was bound to be a wonderful evening filled with community, happiness, and fashion.

Photos courtesy of Kristin from Colorado Lifestyle Photography

Yellow was everything with this outfit. Vintage Frame of Mind had me head over heels for this look. This lengthy yellow tank top jumpsuit was finished with a black plaid pattern. The loose fit was complimentary but still allowed for the shape of the model to come through. The black corset belt helped cinch and define the waist and accessorized the outfit by adding more detail. The high waist elongated the legs and gave the outfit an effortless off-duty model look. I am always transfixed by the movement of garments and this look flowed so smoothly, like a balloon in the wind. As the look danced up and down the stage, I couldn’t help but to be in awe. I loved everything about this look.

Varve worked with clean lines and simple garments to create beautifully constructed pieces. Upon first glance, the neutral colors and neat template might fool you. Once I examined the work closer, I found a very detail oriented line that focused on immaculate line work and luxurious material. The other great thing about this line is the functionality of pieces on an everyday basis. The relaxed and laid back look that the clothing exuded was fun to watch and looked extremely comfortable as well.

Patterns were all the rage with Nicole Marsch’s designs. This beautiful sapphire blue dress was completed with an oriental-like pattern. It’s light fit and long sleeves made it an accessible dress no matter the season. The length kept it classy and the style could go perfectly with a leather jacket. I was also a fan of how this dress could be worn casual with some sandals or more dressed up with some heels. Anyway it’s worn, it’s bound it be a hit.

I was sure INTRIGUED by this line. Intrigue captured the true essence of the casual yet stylish girl on the go. This look was simple and understated in the best of ways. I can picture it now – miss boss lady has a day full of things to do. She wants to be comfy but she also wants to rock an outfit that will showcase her fashion-forward and put together personality. The light wash jeans were accompanied by a blue and white stripe running vertically down the side of the pant. When paired with a simple black tank top and booties, this outfit was both practical and effortless.

Magnolia embodied everything summer with their collection. By sticking with light colors and seasoned textures/patterns, they definitely wanted the line to be perfect for a summertime fine girl. Every look could be perfect for any summer activity: brunch with the girls, dinner date with the man, or meetings with colleagues. This two piece set featured above had an elegance to it that was created with the light floral pattern. By utilizing a white base and throwing pinks on top, this couldn’t be more fitting for this beautiful season. The flow of the outfit matched the look of it too!

June Threads was the perfect line to fit everyone. Because of the extremely versatile pieces from the collection, individuals could switch up how they wanted them to be worn. From sporty to loungewear to night out, everyone could find their perfect fit with June Threads. I liked the fire engine red outfit pictured above. The off the shoulder fitted top and nude sock booties really juxtaposed well against the loose red sweats. I thought this outfit was the perfect way to represent the line – easily worn and completely customizable. I felt as though it was accessible to all people no matter your style, shape, or lifestyle. With a men’s line on the way, I don’t see June Threads stopping any time soon.

Founded after a personal experience trying to buy dress shirts for body builders, Bradley Allen focuses on an equal fashion opportunity for the fit community. The niche for body building clothing is small as it requires a certain frame, fit, and function. By tapping into that niche, this line finds its place by making body builders feel included and stylish. This dress shirt, sleek and simple, really encompasses the aim of the brand. The fit is still flattering of the body without swallowing it up and the person is able to move without ripping the shirt.  All body builders can identify with this line and that’s what makes it great.

Who doesn’t love clothing with color? 12 Speed showcased a line with a vast array of colors. From oranges and yellows to forest greens and neutrals, they had it all. I particularly liked the color of this orange t-shirt. It was simple with just a brand logo on the front but the almost burnt orange color was perfect no matter the season. The breathability and softness of the shirt looked impeccable. I also liked the variability of fit within their collection. Some shirts and hoodies were more on the slim fit side and others were dabbling into the loose fitted, more streetwear style side. Everyone could find a piece they liked from 12 Speed.

The Children’s Miracle Fashion Show was a great night benefiting an even better cause. Having all of the local designers come together for a good reason made it that much better. I hope this event continues on in the future. Thanks for having Fashion Denver!