Charlotte Olympia spring 2015 bags

“My last collection took inspiration down Mexico way, so I kind of took a road trip up north for spring,” says Charlotte Dellal of Charlotte Olympia. The London-based accessories designer is known for her cheeky sensibility, and her latest collection is a riff on the classic Westernisms we all know and love. A quick survey of the witty bags and shoes at her presentation today reveals a totem-pole heel, a wedge sandal replete with a Rocky Mountain landscape, and a chic evening box clutch whose smoking design wouldn’t be out of place in the back pocket of a well-worn pair of jeans. And if even cowgirls get the blues, surely there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful here. So what’s the designer’s favorite Western of all time? “Well actually I’m not much of a fan of the movies themselves,” she admits, “though my grandfather loved them.” That said, there is a low-heeled studded boot called “the Eastwood” in the collection—but not a John Wayne to be found.

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