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Confirmation hearings began today in Washington D.C. for Senator Jeff Sessions, who, despite being denied a federal judgeship after accusations of racism was picked by President-elect Donald Trump for the role of attorney general (the de facto head of the United States Department of Justice). The Internet’s breathless recounting of every protester, every GOP in-joke, every Senatorial guppy-mouthed gape quickly took over the news. It is easy, in times like these, to get caught in a deluge of what feels like endless bad news. There’s the Trump administration and nominees’s apparent attempts to circumvent ethics guidelines, overload the schedule (and so overwhelm the committees) with nine nominees in a single week, for one thing. There’s Sessions’s history of opposing the Violence Against Women Act, his lack of support for hate crime bills that protect LGBTQ victims, his career history of opposing voting rights acts, and the over 1,400 law school faculty members from 49 states who signed a letter stating that they “are convinced that Jeff Sessions will not fairly enforce our nation’s laws and promote justice and equality in the United States,” for another. And then there’s the end-of-day breaking news that Russia very likely has dangerous, “compromising” information about our president-elect! But allow yourself to forget all that for a minute, because do you know what’s more fun than watching C-Span as your stomach ties itself up into a million knots? Watching Billy Eichner and James Corden take on the latter’s successful (and now standalone!) bit “Curbside Karaoke” with “Curbside Conga Line.” From calling out alternative ideas (“Comedians Sitting in Silence With Chrissy Teigen” “Sharing a Salad With Thandie Newton”) to Eichner’s usual haranguing of complete strangers, consider this your welcome respite from reality.



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