Photo: Courtesy of Nikki Nelms / @nikkinelms

Beyoncé has always had a thing for badass alter egos—yes, Sasha Fierce, we’re looking at you!—so it only makes sense that she would channel a woman with legendary swagger for Halloween. Some of the singer’s millennial fans would be too young to remember the hip-hop band known as Salt-N-Pepa, though for anyone who grew up listening to hip-hop in the ’80s and ’90s, Beyoncé’s look last night was a clear tribute to rapper Cheryl “Salt” James. A quick Google image search of the band throws up all of James’s  style signatures—8-ball jacket, Kente-covered kufi, and heavy gold dookie chain—in fact the outfit that Beyoncé wore seems to be a direct reference to the cover art of the group’s greatest-hits compilation.

To be clear, Beyoncé wasn’t at a Halloween party, rather the birthday bash of a close friend. Costume parties are apparently very popular with her nearest and dearest—just a couple of months ago, her husband Jay Z threw the singer a party that was Soul Train themed. And given Beyoncé and Blue Ivy’s track record for killer twinning costumes, chances are they’ve got an epic mommy-and-me Halloween fashion moment in their bag of tricks for tomorrow.


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