If I said that you could just wave a magic wand and instantly get beautiful, glowing skin, you’d probably think that idea sounded a little far-fetched. But according to those in the mystic world, it’s actually a possibility. 

While the rest of us are constantly on the prowl to discover the next all-in-one product to cure our biggest skincare woes, most witches swear by using all-natural ingredients, energy flow, and the magic of crystals to help their skin look its best.

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“Witches prefer to use organic ingredients in skincare products because we believe in the healing power of nature,” astrologist Lisa Stardust tells InStyle. “We don’t have to look elsewhere, except on earth to find products that can boost our glow and health. We find beauty tips by looking to the past and honoring our ancestors and the world we live in.” 

Keep scrolling to discover the products and tools seven of the internet’s most sought-after witches and mystics use to combat their biggest skincare concerns, just in time for Halloween. 

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