How to Do a Vine Video

If six seconds seems like too short a time for a star-making movie, then you haven’t met the kids of Vine. The platform, which trades in short, shareable looping videos, has already launched a first generation of megastars, such as Megan Cignoli, Ian Padgham, Shawn Mendes, and Nash Grier, all of whom have parlayed social-media success into record deals and lucrative product endorsements. Now a Vine gold rush is officially upon us, with record labels, movie studios, and brands combing the platform for the next big talents in music, comedy, acting, and creative direction. Its time limitations may even be its strength—you get only six seconds to make an impression, so it better be eye-catching. Here, the Viners who are on loop on our iPhones.

Maris Jones

With fewer than 10,000 followers, Maris Jones is still relatively unknown, but that should change soon: With her looping videos, she’s mastered the art of “evolution” films. Though these clips have become prevalent on Vine, Jones’s are some of the most creatively art-directed around, and she’s used her cut-and-paste talents for some amazing film portraits and “remixes” of classical songs, too.

Alyssa Light

Alyssa Light is the perfect example of someone who could translate her Vine success into mainstream hits. Though her account is mostly for posting pop and indie covers, she’s already working on a pop career of her own. Expect more from her this year—maybe even a full-fledged record deal.

Harmony Smith (and her son, Elliott)

Family videos are an entire genre on Vine, with many people using their accounts to broadcast their home lives. But Harmony and her son, Elliott, have something truly special with their mother-son duo account. In six-second spurts, they offer up a really funny and touching window into growing up, with matching haircuts and glasses, and a hard-to-beat, us-against-the-world attitude.

Zach King

Zach King, 23, is based in Los Angeles and rightfully calls himself the Final Cut King, a title reflecting his intricately staged special effects. He’s now creating sponsored content for a laundry list of brands, such as Hewlett-Packard, Starbucks, Lacoste, Intel, Regal Cinemas, and Chrysler, and has been featured on Ellen. But even with his newfound success, his Vines still feel down-to-earth. Plus, he has two adorable kittens.


In the world of Vine, AlliCattt is a renaissance woman. She’s a comedienne (quipping about school, pop culture, and boys), a singer, a master maker of loops, and something of a living social network—she rolls deep IRL with a crew of fellow Viners. For her over two million followers, she uses the platform to create content for brands like Coca-Cola and MTV, and to promote her first single, “Feel It in My Heart,” which is already available on iTunes.


BigNik, aka Nikhil, is 16 years old and not even four feet tall, but enormously funny. He’s cornering the funny-kid-on-Vine market with really self-deprecating bits that always keep it real.

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